Herd and Homestead is a passion project started by our family that is focused on quality handmade goods, promoting education, and building strong local communities.

The H&H Family



Our oldest member of the team, Kiara, was born on March 12th, 2017. Although she is quite lazy, she always makes sure she supports the team by providing constant snuggles and warmth. Kiara is a total sweetheart until she isn't. This little girl also has a big attitude for her small size, so don't disturb her when she is doing some during-work-meditation (AKA napping). 

Picture of Kiara laying in bed being cute



The devious middle child, Bella, born on May 28th, 2019. You can often find her laying in her cat tree right in front of the largest window in the office. She loves to introduce new objects and ideas to the team like carrying in a random piece of paper or plastic that she stole from what was once considered trash. 

Picture of Bella looking mischevious



The newest addition to the team, Phoenix, was born on July 7th, 2021. He's as smart and curious as they come and he loves to keep watch. Always eager to please, Phoenix often keeps watchful eyes trained on the company's founders while fighting off the temptation to chase the Director of Mischief. 

Picture of Phoenix laying on the couch being cute

Zac & Tay


We are two passionate people that love challenges. High School Sweethearts and together for over eight years, we've grown up together and have actively challenged one another to be better each and everyday. Our dream was to develop luxury hand-crafted products and provide value that would be loved by all including our furry friends. 

We aim to please and strive to provide the best to our customers. Please feel free to provide feedback and insight. We love to hear and learn from you all so we can continue to improve and better serve you! 

Zac and Tay's signatures
Picture of Zac and Tay, co-founders of Herd and Homestead