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Upgrade Your Journaling Aesthetic In 2023

We’ve dealt with so much over the last few years and the beginning of 2023 seems to be leading us towards a year just as “exciting” as the last few. Many of us have delved deeper into our hobbies as a way of escaping the ever-growing list of “things to be concerned about” in our daily lives. For those of you like us at Herd and Homestead, who have realized how much you enjoy journaling; We’ve decided to put together an article showing you how to upgrade your journaling aesthetic for 2023! But first, let’s dive a little deeper into what exactly aesthetic journaling is. 

What is aesthetic journaling? 

Having a journaling aesthetic, or doing aesthetic journaling is really a versatile and wide-spread term for a lot of things. Overall, though, it basically summarizes the act of journaling, but with an added artistic flair or visual theme presented throughout the journal. In this way, many have started to call it aesthetic art journaling because there is a large degree of “artiness” related to the practice. The great thing about aesthetic journaling is that you can create amazing and unique journal no matter your skill level or preferred writing medium. So now we know what aesthetic journaling is, but how do we do it? 

How to do aesthetic journaling?

Many of us reading this article may know a bit about what this type of journaling is, but may not know how to start aesthetic journaling. Fortunately, the process is quite similar to basic journaling. You still are using it to be productive, get feelings out, and a whole host of other benefits that we’ve talked about before. As we described in that article, “Keeping a journal can be as simple as writing weekly or monthly in a notebook. Or, it can become as complex as having a detailed, tab-divided book that you revisit and reflect on daily," -- Journaling can be whatever you want it to be, but usually this is what you need to do: 

  1. Get your preferred writing medium. 

    This could be notebook, sketchbook, or really anything that you can write down in.  

  2. Figure out what you will be using to write. 

    Aesthetic journaling can use more than just a pen or pencil, think about using washi tape, paint, old magazine clippings, and more! 

  3. Start writing!

    Ask yourself the tough questions like: How am I feeling, what goals do I want to accomplish today, tomorrow, the next month, the next year, what ideas do I have that I can use to be more productive, or feel better? Write down anything that you can think of or feel. Art is messy and fun and chaotic – allow yourself to be that if even just for a little bit! 
Overall, just have fun and let your hobby allow you to relax, recharge, and get a little more productive every day. If you are still looking for a little help on getting started, see below for some amazing aesthetic journaling ideas and supplies! 

Aesthetic journaling ideas 

  • Utilize a color scheme.

Challenge yourself to use a unique color scheme throughout your entire journal!

Image of a themed aesthetic journal
  • Add photos

Take some vintage pictures with an instant print camera like this one and add into your journal. 

 Picture of using vintage instant print photos for aesthetic journaling

  • Add stickers

Stickers make everything better – Use cool stickers to really make your journal POP! 

 Picture of Using stickers in Aesthetic Journals

  • Washi tape

Washi tape has become a standard of bullet journaling and totally adds some fun flair! 

 Picture of Washi Tape for use in Aesthetic Journaling

  • Write in cursive

People my age were some of the last to “learn” cursive in school, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it in journaling! Cursive can be a fun new way to write that provides a great aesthetic feel. 

 picture of cursive aesthetic for journaling

  • Torn Craft Paper

Torn craft paper can be an interesting addition to any aesthetic journal and really give it a cool 3D effect when the pages are open. 

 Picture of using craft paper for aesthetic journaling

  • Magazine Cutouts

A time-honored tradition for teenage diaries and clandestine notes passed in class – bring it back by cutting up some of your old magazines and incorporating them into your journal.

 Picture of using magazine cutouts for aesthetic journaling

While these are some of the more common ideas that we can use for a unique and fun journaling aesthetic, explore more and find some unique things for yourself too! Art is about exploring and the most satisfaction comes when you create a unique and custom designed aesthetic journal just for yourself. That being said, some basic supplies are critical when just getting started – see our list below! 

Aesthetic Journaling Supplies 

Now that you’ve seen a few ideas for how to build your aesthetic journal, now let’s look at some amazing supplies that we can use to build it. 

  • Aesthetic journaling stickers (Link)

    homestead aesthetic journal stickers
brush pens
  • Wooden Stamps (Link)

animal wooden stamps
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