Mastering Time Management in a Busy World: Tips and Strategies for Productivity

Mastering Time Management in a Busy World: Tips and Strategies for Productivity

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What Is the Value of Time?

Time is a finite resource, and once it's passed, you can't get it back.

If that's not convincing enough, keep reading to discover the powerful insights regarding the benefits of time management and how to improve your time management.

How the Digital Age Has Shaped Us

A home office setup.

During COVID-19, most office workers worked from home. While this was a striking change at first, it quickly became the status-quo and showed people a new side to working. Digital work tools like Microsoft 365, Zoom, Webex and other collaboration tools made it possible for work to remain business as usual.

In addition, people started to notice that they had more engagement time with their loved ones at home, and were able to get more done at home than in the office.

This change has lead to an increase in hybrid and fully remote work positions. It has also promoted the importance of time management skills as an office worker is no longer required to look busy the entirety of the day. An office worker can now use time management to get their eight-hour tasks done in three hours.

Impressive right?

Why Is Time Management Important?

Time management is a bit of a buzz word nowadays. Everyone's trying to figure out the best way to improve their time management skills, so they don't have to spend long hours at work and can enjoy more time with their families.

The pandemic fueled our desire to be more productive at home to an all-time high. Time management is the key to spending less time doing tiresome tasks and more time doing something enjoyable.

However, it's all about balance- right?

Time management abilities aren't something we are all born with. Instead, it's a skill that needs to be worked at and improved over time. It takes trial and error, but it's also one of the most rewarding skills you may ever have.

Time management isn't just useful at work. It has a place in our homes, shopping, paying bills, goal setting, and so many other areas.

The concept of time management is so important because of one little thing, or perhaps it's not little at all...

Time Is Limited

In the moment, time seems infinite. However, when reflecting on the past it becomes apparent just how quickly it passes. Most can recall a fond memory from years ago that feels like yesterday, however, in reality five years have passed.

Or, perhaps you've been planning to start your business. This goal might have been on your mind for years and years. Despite your desire for achieving the goal, a person might now have taken any strides to make that happen.

It is essential you take control of your time and stay focused.

A sense of urgency in life is what makes us human.

An average human lifespan is approximately 72 years.

That might sound like a long time at first glance, but let us break that down for you.

That's only 26,298 days, 631,152 hours and 37,869,120 minutes.

Therefore, for example, if you just turned 30 today then you have approximately 15,340 days left- on average.

Despite the depressing sentiment above, the message remains the same: working smarter and obtaining good time management skills enables you to effectively manage time, have less stress, have a more productive personal life, and obtain the work life balance that you desire.

Essential Time Management Skills

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Prioritize Tasks

Tasks can stack up quickly.

When that happens it makes stress levels go up and adds difficulty to getting the right things done. Prioritizing tasks can helps build positive habits and ensure that individuals are making progress on their most critical goals and responsibilities.

For example, you're hosting a birthday party for your kid.

Since you're reading this article, you might already understand that it's important to clean the house and areas where you will be entertaining your guests first. However, your husband or significant other might think cleaning the basement is the best first step.

Then, next thing you know your significant other runs out of time and he wasn't able to prep the burgers for the BBQ and is scrambling.

Prioritizing tasks can help individuals have better time management and good time management enables greater productivity and will help achieve greater focus on the tasks that actually need to be done first.

Reduce Distractions

Reducing distractions can be completed as easily as turning off your phone.

Our phones are a magnet for our attention. It's our lifeline to social media sites, our professional life, and entertainment. It can also be our downfall.

Time passes extremely quickly when scrolling on your phone and this leads to poor time management. There's definitely a time and place for using your phone for entertainment, however, when you put your phone down your productivity levels go up.

Make it Simple

James Clear, the author of the book Atomic Habits, is best known for his work in the field of personal development and habit formation. Within his book, Atomic Habits, he mentions the importance of time management skills and keeping habits simple. Small changes are the backbone of creating big changes that require more effort and willpower.

The same is true with time management.

If we make every task into a monster- why would we want to do it? To improve time management and gain better work life balance, people need to break large tasks into smaller tasks that can be done quickly and then keep up on it.

By making our tasks simple, we can have more energy and productivity levels for additional tasks. Don't overcomplicate something that doesn't need to be complicated. Also, by staying consistent you will begin to see the benefits of time management as you will have less stress and use time wisely.

Utilize a Planner or Scheduler

As Jordan Peterson, a psychologist and public speaker, once said, "Make a damn schedule and stick to it."

A schedule can be incredibly helpful and lead to increased productivity and better time management. By making a schedule, a person can gain an understanding of all the tasks they need to do without missing deadlines. In addition, it's an important element for managing your time and daily tasks.

However, a schedule or planner is meant to be adaptable. It's important to find a good balance, and use a planner or scheduler to achieve the day that you want through managing your time better. It can also help to achieve better work life balance.

Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is the killer of productivity.

Although regular breaks during a hard working session can be beneficial, it is important to limits distractions and start taking control of your time to increase time management.

One way to do that is by focusing on urgent tasks early. Don't wait. Do the task as soon as you think about it. Once you get over that hump of procrastination doing the work becomes easy.

Most tasks take less effort than you initially think. In addition, starting early on tasks allows you to start taking control and may lead to a fulfilling life. Effective time management skills will teach people that working smarter enables less time working and more time living.

Improve Your Performance

Time management is all about figuring out ways to spend less time working and more time doing the things that you enjoy.

In order to do this, a person needs to put systems in place to increase productivity and target important tasks effectively. For example, if you send out numerous emails a day it's time to manage your time by implementing mailing lists or email templates. By creating these templates, a person can experience less stress and implement practical tips to make their daily tasks take less time.

Start using your time wisely by improving your methods for managing your time.

Produce Better Work

Time management can assist with producing better work because it urges people to be as efficient as possible. Instead of spending hours trying to figure something out on your own, time management teaches us that it's better to reach out to an expert or search console.

By doing that, you may produce better work because you're expanding your horizon to additional opinions and areas of expertise.

Deliver Work on Time

For a work assignment, the benefit of delivering work on time is keeping a great professional reputation. It shows that you are willing to take the initiative and know how to manage time effectively.

Effective time management skills are highly desired in the workplace. Moreover, the importance of time management becomes even more apparent within a small business. Small business owners achieve more when they implement proper time management.

Reward Yourself for Good Work

Celebrate your successes.

Working long hours can cause energy levels drop and stress levels to increase. Therefore, to eliminate stress you need to prioritize work life balance. Work life balance is what keeps people going whether it's excitement for the weekend or having a drink with friends after a long day of work.

These little moments help reduce stress and provides the work life balance that we all need to stay sane during our busy lives.

The Benefits of Developing Good Time Management Skills

Greater Focus

By developing time management skills, a person will have a greater focus on important tasks. Challenging tasks will be taken on early, so these specific tasks can be completed.

Reduced Stress

Poor time management means more stress.

When you don't know where you need to be, why or what you're doing- your stress response can be overloaded. Utilizing time management skills is the gift that keeps on giving and it will ensure you avoid emotional buildup.

Things Are Simpler and Easier

Managing your time just makes things easier.

Time management skills promote a better work life balance which creates a shorter to do list. A shorter to do list equals a less busy complicated life.

No More Missing Deadlines and Appointments

By utilizing effective time management skills, you'll always know when your next appointment or deadline is. The deadline won't sneak up on you because you've already handled it.

Time management skills will ensure that you are where you need to be when you need to be there.

Better Work Life Balance

The biggest benefits of time management revolve around the ability to spend more time doing the things we love with those we love. By learning and utilizing time management skills, you can setup your ideal day and live every day to its full potential.

Freedom to Do What You Want

Time management skills enable freedom.

Once you understand the importance of time management, you'll begin to realize that in order to live the free life you want, you'll need to implement proper time management.

Manage your time, so you're able to take control of your time and live the life you want.

Change Your Lifestyle

Perhaps your New Year's resolution was to go to the gym more, however, you haven't stuck with it yet. That's where the importance of time management comes in. If you setup your day with a time tracking software or a planner to achieve what you want to do with the hours that you have- you'll be better prepared to obtain it.

Time management can assist with changing your lifestyle for the better. Whether it's an earlier wakeup time or going to the gym after work- implementing time management skills will help you change your lifestyle and obtain your goals.

Avoid Extra Problems

Time management will help you reduce stress and avoid extra problems.

Not only can time management increase productivity, it can also avoid problems related to deadlines from developing further. The last thing a person wants during a busy day is an emergency problem due to poor project management.

Resources and Time Tracking Software

Herd & Homestead Digital Planners

Herd and Homestead Country Themed Digital Planner.

We've created several versions of our Country Themed Planner that will help you improve your time management skills in a convenient way. The digital planner gives you the luxury of writing while also embracing technology.

In addition, one of the key benefits of using our digital planner is that you can quickly navigate between pages due to hyperlinks.

Google Calendar

A desk with a computer and google calendar open on an ipad.

Google Calendar is great for scheduling tasks, marking dates in the calendar, setting deadlines, and it's a great way to help manage your time.

Important tasks can be flagged, categories and colored to ensure you don't miss them.

Effective time management doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Google Calendar is free. All you need is a Google account and you will be on your way to putting your time management skills to the test.

Write it Down

Woman writing in a notebook.

Don't overcomplicate it. Write down what you need to get done and when you need to get it done. Time management doesn't have to be complicated with fancy planners or online calendars.

It can be as simple as writing it down in a notepad. Make a to do list and stick to it.

Good time management enables a person to complete tasks strategically.

Master the Clock

Now that you've learned all about the importance of time management and powerful strategies for improving your time management, it's time to take action.

Choose one or two areas of time management skills and start implementing them. Write down measurable goals and actionable steps that you will take to improve your time management.

In addition, check out our Country Themed Digital Planner here.

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