An Aesthetic Visual Planner - Structured App Review

An Aesthetic Visual Planner - Structured App Review

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Over the past few months, I've been testing out scheduling my day (and breaks) using the Structured app. The app's aesthetic design and integrative nature make it easy to set up my day and get reminders to keep it going smoothly. 

By The Numbers: 

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How much does Structured cost 

Free – Offers in App Purchases 

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Where can you get Structured 

Apple App Store 


What is Structured:  

Structured is a minimalistic visual planner that helps people take control of their lives with just a few taps. It can integrate tasks with calendars like Google Calendar and Apple iCloud Calendar. Creating tasks is easy within the structured apps which will help you manage your to do lists and plans throughout the day. 

One of the most incredible things about Structured is the fact that one person started it. Leo Mehlig created Structured as a side hustle which has now become one of the most popular scheduling apps within the Apple App Store. With over 6.5 million downloads, the Structured app is flourishing and experiencing incredible growth and new features.  

Structured App Task View

Some of the most notable features include:  

  • Ability to import calendars  
  • Drag & drop to rearrange tasks  
  • Focus timer  
  • Customization of tasks and app color aesthetic.  
  • Set recurring tasks 
  • Notifications to remind you of tasks starting or ending 
  • iCloud syncing
  • Import calendar events (premium)


The Structured day planner app is one of those great apps with a free pricing tier that is relatively good. You can schedule small tasks, large tasks, move them around, get notifications, and customize the user interface.  

However, Structured does offer a pro version called Structured Pro. All plans can be used on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, so you don't have to worry about transitioning to different devices. In addition, Structured Pro can be shared with your iCloud family.  

The Structured Pro pricing tiers:  

  • Monthly: $2.99 / month 
  • Yearly: $9.99 / month 
  • Lifetime: $29.99 

Upgrading to Structured Pro gives you access to additional features like planning recurring tasks, importing calendar events and reminders, 550+ premium icons, and setting up advanced notifications.  

This visual day planner can be tried for free or for the full version at approximately $3 / month. The free option shows you all you need to see and experience to know if you'll enjoy the premium features. Give the free option a try before upgrading to save yourself a bit of money. 

Or, if you love the app and can see yourself using it for many years make a one time purchase and own the Structured app for a lifetime. 

A quick look:  


The structured day planner provides a beautiful visual timeline of your day with apple reminders to ensure you stay on track. Whether you need to keep track of small tasks or something bigger this app with help you stay organized and improve your mental health by providing a visual timeline of your day. 

In addition, color coding tasks can help you know the categories of your tasks just by glancing at your to dos. Create tasks that are significant to you and use them across your apple devices. 

Where’s the rub:  

Structured has impressive features, but it still has some drawbacks.  

If you like to see all of your tasks, the layout can make it feel cluttered, especially if you want to overbook yourself and put two tasks down with the same start and end date. The app will make the time block bigger rather than putting the two tasks side by side or providing the ability to minimize the tasks.  

For example, I like to walk on my standing desk treadmill and answer emails simultaneously. The structured day planner makes that situation appear like this:  

Structured App Tasks Overlapping

It's not my favorite way of displaying this, but at the same time, I'm not sure what they would do differently. However, overall the visual timeline is still effective. 

To avoid this, you can make one task and add subtasks to that one task like this: 

Structured Tasks Overlapping

But I would prefer something else or a different option to combat this.  

Also, unfortunately Structured is only available on iOS 15+, iPad OS 15+, macOS 12+, watchOS 8+. Android and Windows users will have to find a replacement app, unfortunately. There is a waitlist for the Android Beta that you can access.

Despite these minor hiccups, the rest of the app is great. It's aesthetic, easy to use, and helps layout your tasks in an interactive way. 

Bottom line: 

Structured is a great app that can help you stay on top of your daily tasks while recommending time blocks for breaks to keep you focused, relaxed, and organized. The visual timeline and easy to use interface are perfect for any person interested in daily planners that are available on the go. 

Structured helps you stay on track and provides the ability to create tasks and schedule tasks in a fun, seamless way. It can help your daily planning become easy and painless as well. 

With the pro version, iCloud automatically syncs tasks across your devices, making the experience smooth and hands-off. In addition, it's easy to switch between using your iPhone or iPad, making it a flexible and seamless experience for apple devices and providing apple reminders.  

I've tested Structured on both my iPhone and iPad. The experience is highly similar, but the larger screen makes the Focus Time feature and rearranging tasks easier and more enjoyable. In addition, if you have an Apple Smart Watch, you can receive apple reminders on your watch notifying you of your next tasks which is really useful. 

The free option is excellent for starting, but the premium version is definitely worth it just for the ability to schedule recurring tasks alone. On the free version, planning the same exact task each day can become tedious. But we do recommend trying the free version before upgrading to ensure you like it or need those additional features. 

The ability to import calendar events is another wonderful feature within the premium version that is worth noting. 

Go deeper: 

Structured is an aesthetic task daily planner manager that is worth checking out here on the Apple App Store. If you're an Android user, you can join their waitlist now. 

If you're a to do list junkie we highly recommend checking this app out! It might be the daily planner app that you've been waiting for. 

Download the app and start scheduling tasks and receive notifications today!

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