Who We Are

Our names are Zac and Taylor and we've been building our lives together since 2013 and have always pushed each other to do the uncomfortable and scary. We also have talked time and again about what our ultimate goals in life are and where we want to see ourselves. 

We both agree that while we have set ourselves up for exciting corporate careers in two amazing industries, we've never felt like we belong. Being more comfortable with animals and in the outdoors  than in any meeting room, we decided to try our craziest adventure yet... 

Herding the Homestead

We decided to start Herd and Homestead as a passion project to live our lives surrounded by our family, friends, and animals and to help others achieve this same goal.

Our first thought was that productivity and organization were essential if we were ever going to change the way we lived and thus, Herd and Homestead was born. As we develop who we are as an organization and take this next leap in our lives, we will continue to innovate and experiment with what feels right and what feels "scary". Join us in our journey through many of the different outlets linked below or learn even more about us in the button below!


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